Andy Parkin

Andy Parkin: “life in adaptation”


A 28 min film about the extraordinary life of Andy Parkin, an artist and one of the world’s leading solo climbers:
It was the winner of the special jury prize Kendal international mountain festival: and Best Film Sheffield adventure festival.

Andy is regarded as one of the world's finest alpine climbers. In 1984, he suffered a near fatal climbing accident in the Alps. This documentary captures Andy's journey into slow rehabilitation, which involved painting and sculpting the mountains that had so very nearly claimed his life and has subsequently caused him to become known as much for his inspirational artwork, as his return to climbing.
We filmed this over 2 years working very closely with Andy both in the UK and French Alps. It is a sensitive portrayal of an extraordinary man and life in adaptation.

Click on the vimeo link below to go and  rent or download the digital film.




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