A Tale of Five Cities

A Tale of Five Cities

One of our most ambitious projects to date, A Tale of Five Cities aims to create an online platform where young people in the Middle East have the opportunity to tell their stories direct to the world through the use of visual media.

five cities

Part 1 will focus on Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, five contrasting cities in terms of history, heritage, cultural mix and recent events. Working with established and well known Film Directors from each country, and partnering with local organisations across the religious and cultural divides, the project will train, mentor and equip groups of young people with the skills needed to tell their stories.


At a moment of intense political and cultural upheaval, it is crucial that the aspirations and hopes of the new generation find expression. The Middle East generates thousands of hours of TV news each year. Despite (or perhaps because of) this, the region and its people remain very poorly understood by many in the West. This is a cultural climate within which fear and prejudice thrive.

A Tale of Five Cities will be a small contribution to reversing that trend.

We are currently seeking more partners and hope Part 1 will run in the autumn 2015/spring 2016.

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