The Insatiable Moon

After nearly 10 years in development, The Insatiable Moon – a co-production between BHM in the UK and Mike Riddell in NZ, was finally filmed in New Zealand in November 2009.
The story is simple but touching. Arthur claims to be the second son of God. The rest of the world calls him mad. But he knows who he is, and gets on with the work he needs to do. Before he’s finished you will have fallen in love, laughed and cried, hoped and almost believed in him. This film shows that sometimes magic happens in the most unlikely of places.

Since the films release in 2010, it has gone on to win several awards. At the Moondance International Film Festival 2011, it won Best Foreign Film and at the New Zealand Film and TV Awards, the same year, it won both Best Actor for Rawiri Paratene’s role as Arthur and Best Supporting Actor for Greg Johnson’s role as Bob.

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