The Long and Winding Road.

Blue Hippo Media, creators of acclaimed music documentary Last Shop Standing, has partnered with Independent Venue Week to create a feature documentary celebrating and exploring the eclectic, dynamic and magical world of independent music venues.


The film , all lovely 90 minutes of it had its world premiere on Tuesday 21st January at the iconic Bush Hall music venue in London. See latest news on homepage for an update on all that. Next up is bringing the film out into UK cinemas this spring and also on line and internationally.

Official Teaser video:


Filming began during IVW 2018 where we were able to capture some amazing venues, artists and heroes of the independent venue scene.

Filming has continued throughout 2018 and culminated at IVW 2019 in January/Feb with Philip Selway (Radiohead) heading out on the road with the Blue Hippo and IVW crews visiting places that were instrumental in the early days of the band. Philip spoke to venue owners and operators as well as local artists, promoters and anyone involved in the local scene.

This was the last teaser we made after that trip:


We now go into edit and the film will have its World Premiere this coming Autumn 2019 ahead of a UK cinema and music festival tour.

This is an indie film from indie people and we need the spirit of independence to help us bring this film home and make it an amazing celebration and clarion call for independent music venues and the heroes who keep them going.

We are still seeking sponsors and Exec Producers to help finance the last part of the film.

Get in Touch if you are interested.

So far, we’ve had amazing contributions from people like Philip Selway (Radiohead), Nadine Shah, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Sheila Ravenscroft (John Peel Centre), Ade Utley (Portishead), Gaz Coombes, Dom Fraser (The Boileroom) and Goat Girl and many more.


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