The Ripps

The Ripps –are an English, alternative pop punk band from Coventry. Their single “Loco” was filmed locally by BHM in Birmingham.…


Alternative Dubstep Orchestra

Film by David Cawley (BHM)

Alternative Dubstep Orchestra was conceived in November 2010 as an experimental collaborative project to showcase, unite and celebrate world class turntablists alongside world class musicians.  This video was filmed in the legendary Highbury Studio, Birmingham, which has become home to ADO rehearsals.…


Saregama – Sonu Niigaam

This Music Video of the 75 strong CBSO, was shot in HD by  Blue Hippo Media Production Company. Sonu Niigaam’s portions for the music video have been filmed in India and the final version of the complete video will be aired across all major TV channels across the UK on completion.…


Witness – URA star

Witness is a self-proclaimed ‘social justice’ artist, and sends out positive messages to young people through his music.  BHM shot this video on behalf of the mental health trust. We also provided all the live camera mixes and visuals at the huge NIA concert for 5,000 young people, and made a documentary for which we shot behind the scenes footage, and interviews with the performers, including a group of young people that took part in the show and wanted other young people to know that they were capable of achieving their dreams.…


Sozo – Detention

This great music video was shot in Birmingham for Brian Law and Sozo. It was devised , shot and edited by David Cawley in association with BHM



LAC Respect (2011) is a set of 4 short films created by the Chatback crew with BHM, aimed at teachers and addresses the stigma and stereotypical misconception of looked after children, who have experienced trauma, and how this affects their education and social functioning.…



Legend. Asshole. Enigma. Hero.

People would follow Gary Hemming anywhere: into bed, into trouble and up the most dangerous mountains in the world.…


The Insatiable Moon in Australia

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The good news is it that we have some new partners helping us to get IM into Oz cinemas and special screenings: the film has been well received in that part of the world and are keen to see it flourish: if you are in Oz and want to see the film on a screen near you, let us know and we will ensure we help to make that happen.…


Andy Parkin: “life in adaptation”

A 28 min film about the extraordinary life of Andy Parkin, an artist and one of the world’s leading solo climbers:
It was the winner of the special jury prize Kendal international mountain festival: and Best Film Sheffield adventure festival.


Does crowd funding work? and what is it anyway!


Crowd funding is all about raising finance for your film /media /art project or indeed any other worthy or not cause via an online platform like indiegogo ( you tell people what it is all about and ask them to donate money in return for “perks” you grant them, ie: name in credits / tickets to premiere etc etc…

It does work and it is working for many thousands of people around the world from those wanting to raise a few thousands to some who have raised over a million!!…