more hippo musings

As spring unfolds we here at BHM base camp are pushing ahead on a number of fronts.

Working in the indie film sector is always a mixture of nerve wracking as you seek finance and partners to push projects forward and creatively inspiring as you help make films and work with amazing creatives along the way.
We’ve been doing it for more than 20 years if you take into consideration our work alongside osbd as well.

Recent news:

The Vinyl Revival documentary had a great reception at its VIP preview screening a few weeks back in London ,just ahead of its official release for Record Store Day.The film at the moment is only available with The Vinyl Revival Gatefold album from indie record shops ( go ask) but will be available on line soon.

We are also pushing ahead with the editing of The Long and Winding Road now due out in November 2019. We still have a little bit of filming to do but are really stoked with what we have and believe we have an amazing film.

More anon…

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