Feature Film

We love good stories: who doesn’t? We also love exciting creative talent, whether it be honed over many years or fresh out of the blocks. We try to find stories and people and help them make great films: we are not fixated on big budgets or all the trappings of the industry, just on finding the right shape to make it all worthwhile for everyone involved and for the film to find its right audience.

Current Projects

“Augmental” BFilm Micro

Blue Hippo Media is one of the lead partners in a new initiative to develop 6-8 low budget genre feature films in Birmingham UK over the next decade. Alongside the production is also a talent development initiative that we are running with Birmingham City University.…



Legend. Asshole. Enigma. Hero.

People would follow Gary Hemming anywhere: into bed, into trouble and up the most dangerous mountains in the world.…


Previous Projects

The Insatiable Moon

After nearly 10 years in development, The Insatiable Moon – a co-production between BHM in the UK and Mike Riddell in NZ, was finally filmed in New Zealand in November 2009.
The story is simple but touching. Arthur claims to be the second son of God.…