What we love about documentary is the simplicity. Engaging stories , small teams . sometime’s fast, sometimes over years. We know we will always be involved in making documentaries. Over the past few years BH has been involved in a variety of documentaries ranging from the UK, French Alps to Sarajevo and into Jordan in the middle east.Our films have graced many cinemas across the UK and further afield and “Last Shop Standing” is regularly aired on Sky Arts.

Current Projects

The Long and Winding Road.

Blue Hippo Media, creators of acclaimed music documentary Last Shop Standing, has partnered with Independent Venue Week to create a feature documentary celebrating and exploring the eclectic, dynamic and magical world of independent music venues.

Official Teaser video:


Filming began during IVW 2018 where we were able to capture some amazing venues, artists and heroes of the independent venue scene.…


The Vinyl Revival

6 Years on from creating our acclaimed film Last Shop Standing we have hit the road again to tell a new tale.
Last Shop Standing gained a 5-star review in Q magazine, 4 Stars in Record Collector and in Q’s top 10 DVD releases of 2012 and it still airs regularly on SKY ARTS.…


Previous Projects

Mountain Biking: The untold British story


A Film Documentary from Singletrack Magazine and Blue Hippo Media, in association with Orange Bikes, Hope Technology and Islabikes.


go here:

Mountain biking is now in it’s 4th decade and it’s come a long way from it’s beginnings in the hills of the West Coast USA.…


Northern Disco Lights

A Blue hippo Media co production with Paper recordings: Pip Piper was Exec Producer

About the film:

Northern Disco Lights , a 74 minute feature documentary tells the untold story of a group of teenagers in the arctic city of Tromsø, who set off a chain of events that would go on to transform their country.…



‘Bicycle’ is a feature length documentary film about the history and impact of the bicycle in Britain.

It is currently on limited release in cinemas across the UK .

The film is in association with Trek, Shimano(presented by Madison), Birmingham Cycle Revolution and Bicycle Association

The film has been directed by Bafta award winning Michael B.…


Greenbelt at 40: The Film

A feature length documentary film that honestly retells the highs and lows of the Greenbelt Festival story. Featuring rare archive footage and photography, music from across the festival’s four decades and voices, past and present. It reveals its humble beginnings in a field in Suffolk in 1974 and weaves around its long and intriguing history – how Greenbelt has grappled with the intertwining of Arts, Faith and Justice from the very beginning.…


Last Shop Standing

The rise, fall and resurrection of the independent record store

“The independent record shops are true gems of our culture. Who would want them thrown away ?”.

Johnny Marr ( The Smiths )


Sarejevo shelved memories

Blue Hippo Media joined forces with the humanitarian production company, Cinema Humain, to produce this 50 minute docu-drama framed by the memories of two survivors from the siege of sarajevo (1992 – 1994). It’s unique style draws specific attention to the nature of memory, conflict and human emotion confronted by the trauma of Europe’s most recent war.…


Andy Parkin: “life in adaptation”

A 28 min film about the extraordinary life of Andy Parkin, an artist and one of the world’s leading solo climbers:
It was the winner of the special jury prize Kendal international mountain festival: and Best Film Sheffield adventure festival.