We work across music video to commercials through to short films and training and consultancy for business and organizations.We especially like working with the third sector ,charities and NGO’s as its kind of were we come from!
Increasingly customers, clients, investors and others want to engage with companies and the third sector in a different way. Their expectations have changed. There is more interest in who you are and what makes you tick, what you stand for and how you go about showing that. Being able to tell your story, and tell it well is an important part of meeting that challenge. We can help you find the best way to communicate with your target audiences in creative ways that help forge and maintain those links and relationships. We can create the media but we can also consult and train: talk to us about what we can offer you.

Current Projects

Previous Projects

The Ripps

The Ripps –are an English, alternative pop punk band from Coventry. Their single “Loco” was filmed locally by BHM in Birmingham.…


Birmingham City University:

Digital Media Consultancy

A 6 month project we undertook in 2011 to help the university understand its current media creation and dissemination and its potential for the future.…


Bubbel G

We were commissioned to design 2 pop videos with 2 variations for a new girl band Bubbel G.
We had to come up with new concepts and ideas that reflected what the band aspired to be.…


WM Fire Brigade

We have made several films for the WM fire brigade over the past decade: ones to do with fire safety / promo ones
campaigning films. It is a real privilege as a film company to develop long term relationships with commercial clients as it enables us to really understand their world and what and how and to whom they need to communicate.…


Core Assets

BHM are currently creating 4 themed films around fostering experiences: the 4 films tackle issues faced by many young people as they go through care and on into their own independent lives.
We have made several films with core assets and are currently exploring filming an international documentary that traces their humble origins into the international organization they are today.…


Chapter 1

Film and social media creation and consultancy:
Over the past 2 years we have helped the organization train and equip its core staff to help create digital film and media. We are also involved in helping them develop a wider social media understanding and engagement.…


West Midlands Police Operations Intro

A huge internal DVD project for West Midlands Police with one external module.…


Devon Sproule

Devon is an American singer song writer of huge talent: we filmed this for angel records at tin angel café in Coventry. We think it captures something of Devons’ music and beauty.…


Everyboy England

Pop video for the song “Every boy that ever kicked a ball for England” along with Glenn Macdonald and the team from Everyboy England, which has been created to support the work of the Special Olympics and their football projects.  The video features some celebrity faces from the world of football /sport and music.